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Here’s a little history about Best Wood Barns.

Rebecca MooreRebecca Moore

Best Wood Barns is a family owned and operated business.

Owner, Rebecca Moore Willman has over 25 years of construction experience, including sales management, customer service, accounting, and hands on construction. She is also a fully licensed (life, health, property, and casualty) insurance agent. She has been in the barn business since 2002 and started Best Wood Barns, Inc. in 2007.


See what just one of the customers had to say:

Hi Rebecca,
You are, as we say in New Hampshire “wicked good”. Got a call yesterday afternoon from someone saying that had 30 planks to deliver and were on their way. He had called looking for directions to the house. It was a very nice Canadian fellow from Vermont with 30 2 x 10 x 16’s saying he was doing a favor for a buddy of his. Don’t know who the buddy was or how they know each other but that isn’t really important (although interesting). The fact of the matter is that Beam Barns really does, unlike so many other companies these days, take customer satisfaction seriously and that is important.

I can’t thank you enough for the quick response. I probably won’t be getting to rafters until early next week but knowing they’ll be there when I need is reassuring.

Will send a picture once I have it framed and another when it’s finished. It’s hard work getting done because all the neighbors have to stop and ask me about it.

Again, many thanks,

Our Sales Consultants:

Ken Martin
Ken Martin
Ken Martin and his wife Kathy plan to build a “Traditional” model barn 45 minutes north of Atlanta in Dahlonega, GA. Their working barn will include features which demonstrate the beauty and craftsmanship available with Best Wood Barns. Ken will have a sales office in the barn with pictures and full scale plans of all of our Amish milled barn packages to guide our customers in choosing the right barn to meet their needs.

With over 30 years in real estate site development in both residential and commercial development, Ken will assist our clients in GA, AL, TN, NC, SC, and VA. His familiarity with zoning issues and building codes should prove invaluable to our Best Wood Barns customers. In addition, Ken has experience dealing with the construction industry and is ready to assist our customers during their construction phase as needed.

Josh Hastings
Josh Hastings
Hi! My name is Josh Hastings. I live in rural Kansas, north of Wichita on a few acres. My wife and I need to replace our old barn that was falling down and we didn’t want to replace it with a metal building. We really wanted a true wood barn for the look and feel that can’t be replicated with a metal building. I did look into many other companies and barn designs. We decided on Best Wood Barns and the “Traditional” model for the quality, value, and look that we wanted. I have a background in remodeling and cabinetry and this was a fun project from start to finish. It really makes me feel happy that we went with Best Wood Barns and I feel that this is a great product that I am proud of being a part of.

Josh will assist clients in KS, OK, and NE.


Our Corporate Office

Our Corporate Office is located outside of Adena, Ohio. We are about 30 minutes west of Wheeling, West Virginia. We have a great building site for a new barn and can’t wait to get one up to use as a sales model.

Chances are that when you call our Corporate Office you may hear some dogs barking. Our current security system includes a Doberman Pinscher and a small pack of Miniature Pinschers. You may also hear a parrot squawking in the background or saying something obnoxious. Don€’t worry “it’s just Brutus”€“ our African gray parrot. He can say over 100 words but can’™t count higher than 2. He’€™s working on it.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality lumber package at an affordable price. Our commitment is absolutely 100% customer satisfaction. While our product line is not extensive by any means, we believe that by keeping our designs basic and our prices affordable, we will enable our buyers to customize the interior of their barns to create the “€œdream barn” they’ve always wanted.